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1) Happy birthday to denyeverything1. All the best for the forthcoming year.

2) UPS has still lost my iPod. I sent it to them in JULY. Clearly they are puppets of Satan and I shall be telling the nice wee Apple chap in India so tomorrow.

3) 46% for the Guitar Nero of NO? Dear sweet baby Elvis on a pogostick. 46%? I am shocked by that figure.

4) Work is still an all-sing, all-dancing festival of suck. But it is an ASADFOS without me. I'd rather hope that means more suck rather than less suck, but I wouldn't put cash on it.

5) I am now off to Prague for the week. Could everyone be all right while I am away, please, and could you all at least attempt to break your streak of fabulous posts for six days so I don't have to go to minus 20 squillion on the "20 previous" button?

6) There just needed to be six.

7) Also seven.

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