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Happy birthday, vonnie_k.

In view of your previous comments re: Spooks (though I will point out that I *said* there were two eps at the start of this week) I should point out that there's also a THIRD episode of Spooks that just aired on BBC3, which you may be able to grab. Its proper showing on BBC1 is next Thursday but I think techie BT types probably have BBC3.

I quite liked this episode, despite the message of RACISM IS BAD!!! (you think?). The politics was interesting, there were funny bits and the end was *cracking*. Just when you think it's all over, it's not.

Adam continues to be a ruthless bastard while suffering almost as beautifully as Tom and God help me if there aren't giant neon signs pointing to bad times ahead for Adam, Mrs Adam and their delightful little son, Redshirt. Eep.

There was an insufficiency of Ruth, but then there always is.

I love my show.

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