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(A) My password is NOT too easy to guess and this LJ client can bugger right off.

(B) Happy birthday to lore and to minnow1212 belatedly. Best wishes for the year to come to both of you.

I need to keep a list somewhere so that I don't forget

(C) Those of you who are interested in such things: UKNova is allowing members again. Corrie and 'Stenders at your BitTorrent tips in minutes! How could you say no? Me, I am downloading "Bleak House" because the chances of me being home to see it or of my cable not automatically directing to the NTHell idiot channel when I set the video are NIL.

(D) Bleak House reactions:
1. The camera jerk'n'rush 'I've been to film school, me' is annoying,
2. where the hell is all the fog
3. GA needs to stop freaking me out with that accent
4. Fandom has spoiled me for watching stuff with actors who have previously been in genre shows. I don't think I was supposed to laugh at the Single Crystalline Tear of Misery and I'm pretty sure I would not have done but for snarky fandom reviews of previous things.

But in general I like adaptations of Dickens' work as it saves me the bother of reading the novels. My god can you tell the man was on lineage. If any of you feel like shelling out some cash on one of the Beeb's mighty works, may I recommend Our Mutual Friend, which was just wonderful.

(E) I am making icons of Nick Park's Creature Comforts as post-work relaxation. I have one of chicks which says 'Bumhole!' which makes me laugh inordinately. I am five. Possibly I will change this.

(F) It's like a bad day in Verdun around here at the moment. Diwali, Eid and Bonfire Night within the space of only a few days is making the kids go crazy with the dodgy fireworks.

(G) I am losing my grip on my reading list. I can't keep up any more and am missing things, so I should probably cut back some. Feel at liberty to defriend in turn
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