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Put the TV on while I was cleaning up this morning and XF was on Sky One at 11am. What the fork? It was Triangle anyway. Episode annoys the hell out of me now although I was charmed when I first watched it.

Mark Snow's music is infuriatingly intrusive. Hadn't really thought about it deeply until M mentioned it, although I had found it intrusive before.

But now that I *have* noticed it, I'm all "somebody please take that boy's synthesiser and put it under a steamroller". I have the same reaction with Smallville as well.

Shame really, since I actually liked the angst angels thing going on in S8. Was one of the few

Anyway, Triangle. The 1939 Scully... do we ever find out what she was actually called? (I'm assuming it wasn't "Scully" also.)

* * *

In other news, looks like I am going to get laid off in the worst media recession for more than 10 years. Told parents this, and got a load of utter shite off them, which, no matter how much I may deserve it, was not the most helpful of reactions -- and worse, it was unexpected.

Don't want to talk to anyone or do anything right now, and I must, I must. This is what comes of defining oneself by what one does rather than who one is.

I swear to God, I am about two hours away from being fitted with the white strappy jacket with all the buckles and carted off to the laughing house with all the other loopers.

It may all turn out well. But I have a doom-sodden feeling about it.

* * *

Going to watch Lord of the Rings, FINALLY. Then I am going to paint the plaster in the bathroom with PVA and put mastic around the bath. I know how to live the wild life.

Sean Bean had better be fit. That's all I'm saying.

So I had to do it. Watched new Farscape on Monday: Neener.

What can I tell you about 'Bad Day in the Diner at the End of the Universe' which is not spoily? Hmmm.

D'Argo looks *very* fetching in black. Loved the CGI. The bad guys in this ep were disgusting and annoyed the living shite out of me after about 15 minutes. Chiana and Crais were excellent in the scenes they had. The J/A dynamic was... strange but promising. Rygel rocked. Angst on the horizon.

I am intrigued for Thursday. Better remember to programme the damned video.



Jan. 22nd, 2002 08:17 am (UTC)
Can You Work Here?
In other news. The Chicago Tribune had a shit-load of publishing jobs in it this past weekend. People are wanting editors for things, including books. I don't know if it would be helpful, but perhaps you might be able to get one of these jobs and work it from there, or come here and work for a while, so you can keep the house. I really don't know. There are places to stay and people to stay with here.

There were also a surprising lot of jobs at the HGTV website. I turned Emily on to one in New York, but there are tons at the network affiliates around the country, in really exciting places like Columbus, OH, or Phoenix, AZ. From Scripps-Howard, I believe is the company name. It's not traditional publishing, but they are mostly news affiliates, and wanting writers and producers. You certainly can write news. Some also want online web people. How tied are you to print? Do you have any TV or Radio production experience?

I also know some people at Stuart Smith Media down in Kent. But they're in Kent. And I don't know if they have jobs. They did the UK supplements for R&D, but mostly the sales end, though they also did line up editorial stuff and interviews.

My Lord this sucks. When does it become official? And Laid off means what? Is there a severence package? Does it mean they re-hire you when business gets better?

Copygirl sent me to http://www.freelance.com There are book-writing jobs there. You can probably do them from anywhere.

How much do you need to be making? Write me about this, I have the mad job-finding skills after working recruitment for three years.