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Firstly. Importantly. Happy birthday ropo! All the best for a fantastic year to come

This post contains some inconsequential angst, a muselet,
a letter to the deity (unanswered), Ben Christophers tracks for vonnie_k,
the World Cup, workout tracks, some adorably moronic football songs
and some links. Forewarned is forearmed.

I have a certain amount of ambivalence with regard to this LJ, I like the idea of it but when it comes to actually writing it I experience what I can only call "performance anxiety".

* * *
Those of you who are watching Doctor Who and are familiar with the blessedly funny nostalgia_lj, have you noticed that the idiolects of many of those participating in post-episode discussion have the same tics as she does? It's as though this has become the default slang in that corner of the fandom. It's always interesting to see how quickly specific slang and in-jokes spread across groups, usually because of one small group of very influential users.

Well. That went nowhere.

See what I mean?

* * *
I killed my laptop this morning. Alas poor iBook, with your black screen of death and fanfic disk stuck inside, whirring impotently like a bad simile.

* * *
Ten days until the World Cup starts and already the frenzy has begun. I love the tournament itself but I rather dread the hype surrounding it and the endless bellicosity of the tabloids. When I was a kid the Olympics used to be like this too, but these days it's only the World Cup that produces this level of frenzy. But let me provide some answers to those oh so vital questions in the tabloid headlines:
a) Can England do it this time in Germany?
b) 40 years after our last world cup triumph, can Sven's men lift the cup in Berlin?
c) Can England win the world cup without Rooney?
Hell, no.
d) Will you be roaring with the Three Lions in 10 days time?
No. I might cheer a bit.

Every bloody four years we go through this.

* * *

Dear [insert deity of choice here],

I wish to return this life, as it came without a manual and thus is mostly incomprehensible. While I like its basic features, surely the gameplay is supposed to be a little less baffling and dull. Also, where is the reboot feature? If it does not have one, I can only assume this is a design flaw.
Yours etc,

Slightly Despairing of East London

* * *
A rather lovely article about the difference between the German and English senses of humour, without the usual tired prejudices Lost in Translation, written by Stewart Lee. Stewart Lee used to be a comedian and wrote the libretto for Jerry Springer -- The Opera, but now describes himself as a writer. This shows admirable long-term career planning.

Al Gore manages to say I told you so

This is my favourite blog in the world EmmaKennedy.net. I once spent a night reading the archives and laughing my head off.

* * *

A small collection of Ben Christophers for Vonnie. Ben Christophers is a pleasingly weird singer-songwriter from Wolverhampton. He has released three albums in the shops, My Beautiful Demon, Spoonface and The Spaces In Between

The Alien and the Earth Girl (This cuts off rather abruptly but it's so rare that I can't find it on iTunes or in the local HMV to discover whether this is design or bad ripping.)

Before the Winter Parade

The Opium Willows

Falls Into View

Leaving My Sorrow Behind (Fila Brazillia mix) [sic]

Workout songs.

Come As You Are Beverley Knight

Kelly's Heroes Black Grape. Black Grape were Shaun Ryder's second band after the Happy Mondays, specialising in a similar kind of loping, disorganised indie-funk. While my favourite song of theirs is Reverend Black Grape, with its skewering of televangelists, this is fun and talks about Batman. For those of you who are depressingly young, Shaun Ryder is the Uncle Disgusting in the video for Dare by Gorillaz, whose inability to say the word "there" lent the track its title.

Everybody Martin solveig. Which has been used in football shows which brings me to


Top Three Football Songs of All Time
World in Motion New Order
This was released for the World Cup in 1990 and features some truly awful rapping by John Barnes and the chortling refrain "E is for England", which almost certainly did not refer to the alphabet. In Italia 90, of course, England played like pants until the knockout stage, whereupon they beat the Belgians, Cameroon (by the merest eyelash) and then were stymied in the semi-final by Germany, who won on penalties. It was the semi-final of Lineker, Stuart Pearce and Gazza's tears. The book about the finals, All Played Out, is one of the best sports books I have ever read

[Top three football books ever: "All Played Out", "I Lost My Heart To The Belles", all Pete Davies; "Fever Pitch" Nick Hornby]

England's Irie Black Grape. feat Joe Strummer and Keith Allen.
An acquired taste with weird, cynical, funny lyrics.

Vindaloo Fat Les.
This is completely MORONIC but I love it anyway because it is so joyously stupid. It captures what it's like to go to an England game and chant bollocks. This was recorded for France '98 where England were pants until the knockout stages and then managed to get knocked out by Argentina. Beckham got sent off and we had a winning goal disallowed for NO GOOD REASON.

For cofax7, because I think she would really like it The Grey Cockerel by Salsa Celtica, featuring Eliza Carthy. This Scottish band play latin American music with a Celtic inflection. I just got their album and it's rather lovely.

And finally, this is a beautiful strings-only version of the Doctor Who theme, which I recommend even if you have no idea what the show is. I can't remember who I stole it from but it's lovely.
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