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Dr Who ... well, I was okay with 40 minutes, disliked five

Am I bovvered? Do I look bovvered? Face? Bovvered?

Heh. Life goes on, fankind. There's always a teaser for the next one, because there's always a next one, even if you think that's "disrespectful".


I had to watch this with the flatmate, which sort of wrecked it because she's not a fan and I cannot move into lovely, skatey, see-no-plotholes mode when someone is there who is not also liable to lapse into fannish headspace. It spoils it. I start making sarcastic comments instead of just shutting up and find myself going out to make a cup of tea when I am embarrassed about crapness in the special effects. It's like watching football with someone who isn't arsed about the result but is unwilling to make snarky comments about the players. Either be invested, or be funny, or don't watch.

None of this is her fault btw. She's lovely and a *great* person to watch the football with. Just not a sci-fi fan.

(a) It wasn't a bad send-off all things considered
(b) What they did with Jackie and Mickey makes it certain I will miss them.
(c) Tennant was really, really good. Except the last bit and that wasn't his fault (more of which later)
(d) At last we have the answer to the Ninjas or Pirates/Spacemen or Cavemen debate of the Dr Who fandom. In a battle between cybermen and daleks, the daleks would win.
(e) Some great lines in there.
(f) Some lovely moments with the Doctor and Rose

Sweet crispy Elvis, talk about the Unsubtle Knife. Void stuff? You should be paying royalties to Philip Pullman.

RTD, you're a berk. Mostly I love you, but you're a berk this evening.

What was with all the wailing? Have you never heard the word "subtle"? If you'd just been cannier with the ending, it would have been so much stronger and a better send-off for a character I liked.

Surely you must know that it works better when you send 'em off to do good stuff.

In my ideal ending, they need someone at either end of the void with the time travel "stuff" to close it, and Mickey doesn't have enough.

Rose has to go and she volunteers to save the universe even though it means separation. And she takes it on the chin, does it, goes to work for Torchwood and gets on with her life, because she's learned the lesson from the doctor that sometimes you do the difficult thing, the thing that tortures you and invades your every waking thought and then you *go on* and try to make a difference anyway. You never give up.

Imagine what impact that last scene would have had then. In fairness, there was a decent touch of that in the finale but it was lost under all the "woe is me, I am dead" malarkey.

I could still have done with less crying from all parties but particularly the doctor, because it doesn't ring true for his character over about 40 years. Absolute anguish, yes. Tears, no.

Another example of sentimentality crashing the finale party: I loved the cyber-Yvonne idea, but there was not even the tiniest explanation of how it was possible when no one else managed it and the sad oiltear? *Oh my God, no*.

Too much, RTD, too much. Let it stand on its own merits, we don't need signposts or brazen duh-duh-DAAAAAAH! music.

Russell, you have the talent of Alan Bleasdale or Alan Bennett but sometimes the instincts of Talbot Rothwell or Charles Dickens at his soggiest, sentimental worst, and that's making *me* sad.

More of the former and *way* less of the latter two, please.

Is it bad that (once the damned story is done) I am watching time_and_chips this weekend just to watch them go boom? Probably.

ETA. Or I might just be a curmudgeonly tart. ::Reads paratti's post again::

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