K. (infinitemonkeys) wrote,

Rain, Rain, go away...

For the last nine days, during which I have worked at least eight hours every day, it has been gloriously sunny. Almost too sunny -- it was more than 90F for four days and on one of those the air conditioning at work broke down. Today I wake up on the first of four days off and it's throwing it down. *bangs forehead on desk*

I had planned to bike round to Forest Gate and check out the house, then check out some of the bike routes across Wanstead Flats, maybe trek up to Epping Forest (schyeah, like that bike ride was going to happen - but I did have good intentions).

Tomorrow, maybe.

Today, I think I will go to Charing Cross Road. I'll start with the record shops at the top of the road and then work my way down every bloody bookshop on the road. Not that I plan to buy much at all but being in bookshops is a zen thing. Maybe I'll wander round Leicester Square too, watch the people go by, see what films are on at the Prince Charles (three quid a throw, art house movies and you can take your beer in! *g*)

Tina's entire family is coming down from Newcastle for the weekend. I'm not sure if this means just her dad and her stepmum, or her sister Nina as well, or her dad, stepmum, Nina, her stepbrother Raj *and* his very nice girlfriend whose name escapes me. If so, it's going to be very, very full here this weekend. But they're nice people...

Got a postcard from Caz this morning. She got a high 2:i in her exams. Atta girl *g*

Current music: "The Optimist LP", Turin Brakes

Current books: The good bits (everything with Helena Justina, basically) from "The Silver Pigs" / "999" anthology


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