K. (infinitemonkeys) wrote,

Spooks episode 3

Dear Writers,

While I am not breaking up with the show yet, you should know that I am Seriously Displeased.

I'm not speaking to you, your dinner's in the dog.

There's not a possibility I might never watch again -- obviously I shall -- but you'd better fix it, sharpish.

No love,


That nanny is clearly Trouble. You might as well have put her in a black hat.

Also, I note that she was hired by Ruth, which was a honking big planting of the gun in act one.

Oh writer dearest? This better not be leading where I think it is, sunshine, or I'll smack your teeth so far down your throat you'll be pushing your toothbrush up your freckle to clean 'em. Look at my face. Does this look like a non-violent face? No it does not.
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