K. (infinitemonkeys) wrote,

I was internet-less for five days -- I don' t get a chance to use the net at work for anything but work any more -- and bloody hell, I never realised how dependent upon it I had grown until then.

I did read two books in those days so I guess we now know how I usually waste my time.

Was off work sick today for the first time in about five years and wanted nothing more than a sausage and onion sarnie and a big glass of pale ale, but since I am off beer until Easter and I couldn't be arsed to leave the house, soup had to suffice. Eh, it was good soup.

I haven't had a can of Diet Coke for 23 days. To put this in perspective, I have averaged probably three cans a day for the past 10 years. Nor do I miss it, much to my surprise. I think this may well be a monkey off my back. Huzzah etc.

OTOH I am now drinking four litres of water a day after reading some barmy article in a magazine, which means I can't sit through a film. Watching The Departed was agony, because I didn't want to miss a second of ridiculously macho double-crossing, effing and blinding.

The BBC are repeating This Life and I am finding it very hard to watch. Not so much because it's bad -- it's not, it's fantastic television -- more that it's so bound up with the way I spent my early twenties and that whole time that the nostalgia is painful and odd.

Yet I will be there at Christmas when they do the one-off This Life special. Can't miss that.

And lastly, but most importantly, two things:

1) Many happy returns of the day to lenadances. May the voters live up to your hopes, not down to your expectations.

2) And a very happy birthday to snacky, since her birthday starts here in about half an hour.

All the best to both of you for the year to come
Tags: this life

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