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The Imaginary vid show ( a bit tl;dr)

I loved this meme when vonnie_k did it, so I thought I'd write mine down. The thing is that I've been doing this in my head for more than a year on my very boring commute past Docklands, hence more than five. I suppose I want to write it down even though I am unlikely to make more than one of these. And *one* is optimistic.

Some of these are planned out in my head and some are just "hey, that would work" and not much more planning than that. I've uploaded the songs where they are a little bit obscure.

As vonnie_k mentioned, the one that's been in my head longest is Tricky and that's where I'll start. So... welcome to the

[1] Hell Is Around The Corner. Tricky [Angel, Gunn]
This would be about Gunn's slow slide from grace in Season 5 of Angel, about his capacity for seduction by Wolfram and Hart. The style would be a slow, dark oozing, woozy flow, lots of slow motion and every distorted shot in Season 5 pressed into service.
I stand firm for our soil / lick a rock on foil / Say reduce me, seduce me, / Dress me up in Stussy.
"Lick a rock on foil" would be the brain updates, "dress me up in Stussy" would be Gunn in his suit, every inch the executive and dangerous
Hell is round the corner where I shelter. / Ism's and schisms, we're living helter skelter
Hell, of course, being Wolfram and Hart. It's all about his compromises and would turn on the realisation of how he sold out Fred.
Confused by different memories, / Details of Asian remedies / Conversations, of what's become of enemies.
This part would be about Angel's big lie and Wesley's instability and Illyria. And the key to the whole song is this section:
Heat from the sun somedays slowly passes, / Until then, you have to live with yourself

I don't have the episodes of Angel to make this one, which are basically every episode Gunn was in, ever. I like Angel but not enough to watch it again.

[2] Street Spirit Radiohead [Firefly, River]

I would *love* to make this one. I might make this one if I can work out how to rip my Firefly DVDs. For a start I have loved the song for about 10 years and secondly, isn't this the story of how River was broken and how she began to be mended? How the crew saved her and she saved the crew? It would have to be from River's perspective because of the way the song works. The lyrics begin
Rows of houses, all bearing down on me / I can feel their blue hands touching me

*Blue hands*! I am sure someone must've made this vid already if only for that. Anyway, squealing aside, the "rows of houses" are the brainpans of the people watching River. Lots of scenes from Ariel, lots of cool blue washes. The next part draws heavily from "Objects In Space"
All these things into position / All these things we'll one day swallow whole / And fade out again and fade out again

Then you have River protecting her brother, Kaylee, Serenity, fighting for her new home:
Be a world child, form a circle/Before we all go under
The end of the song brings this refrain "Immerse your soul in love" twice. The first time would be shots of Kaylee, Mal, the crew surrounding, aiding River, the last refrain and the end of the song would take us back to the shot in Serenity pt 2 (TV) of Simon with his arms around a naked River, shielding and protecting her, having given everything up to save her.

[3] Here Comes The Rumour Mill The Young Knives [Spooks, How Tom cracked up]

I would *love* to do this one. The song is very spiky, angular and hostile, and would suit the kinetic split screen style that Spooks used a lot in those early days.. The first verse would have to be about the way Tom spies and disrupts the lives of other people
It’s a game of cat and mouse / but I can’t tell who’s lying
The next line is one of about three spoken lines in the song which would be accompanied by Harry speaking the words in question, mostly because I am damned sure I can find footage of him saying all of them. The song focus would change at the end of the first verse, which would be Tom's mini-crack-up at the end of S2
You can tell in the way that I walk that I am frightened / They’re bearing down on me, what have I done to spite them
The chorus goes like this:
They keep on lying like no one really matters / and then those lies they just scatter and scatter/ Can’t hear my voice above the sound of the chatter / they keep on lying to you, they keep on lying to you
The fantastic thing is that you can use the word "chatter" in its intelligence sense as monitoring the enemy, and use pictures of Danny and Zoe's suspicions, Ruth looking askance at Tom etc. Verse 2 is a gift
Here comes the vanguard man, / it seems he is delirious / he keeps mocking me, / I can’t tell if he’s serious
The vanguard man, of course, is Adam, who first appears as a tramp and then is supremely confident. There's another spoken bit where Harry would say "he’s serious"

Tall tales cliques and whispers / Tell of secret kisses
This is other people, Danny, Zoe, not trusting Tom. The song ends with the refrain "They keep on lying to you", which would be Tom totally cracking up from the episode with the Red Mercury. The last lines are
And you’ll be sorry when you come to your senses
Which is, of course, Tom on the road after he's been fired, alone and slightly gobsmacked.

[4] Funeral Face Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. [Say Anything, Lloyd Dobler]

This record is bottled joy, all African style chiming guitars and quirky lyrics. A tenner to anyone who can guess where this band is from.
The vid would be about Lloyd and how he loves women - not just Diane but his friends and his sister - and his strange confidence. The key phrase is
I'm the stalker - the funeral face / that will follow you ever and ever you go / i'm the one that you want and you want me now
Truthfully though, it would be all about my terrible crush on Lloyd Dobler. You're just lucky I didn't opt for Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken

[5] Beautiful Cosmos Kathryn Williams [The Office (uk); Tim/Dawn
This is more about kindred spirits than romantic love. It would be in a very studiedly documentary style, not necessarily choosing the Tim/Dawn money shots until the very last seconds. It would almost be the anti-vid but since the song is only 1.30 long, I think the conceit would work
This is our universe, cups of tea.
That phrase is the whole song summed up, as it's about two people who share a world that's boring but they *share* it. There would be plenty of reaction shots from when they're winding up Gareth and this
Sometimes I open my mouth, and shut it.
Would be Tim ringing up Gareth just to say "cock" and put the phone down
You are the centre of your little world and I am of mine.
Is the introduction of the odious Lee, but then the song ends
We have a beautiful cosmos, you and me. / We have a beautiful cosmos
Which would be either the picture with "never give up" written on it, or Tim and Dawn holding hands just after that.

[6] Shine So Bright Teddy Thompson [Queer As Folk UK, s1; Stuart/Vince/Nathan
This is all about how people want to be Stuart -- he's the one who "shines so bright" -- but sometimes even Stuart doesn't want to be Stuart. We start in verse 1 with Nathan, and the superficial appeal of being like Stuart, successful, stylish and devil may care. Stuart as rock star
I wanna be a huge star / That hangs out in hotel bars / I wanna wake up at noon / In somebody else’s room

Verse 2 is Vince, loving and envying his friend, and at the end, exasperated with his selfishness
I wanna be death bed thin / Never realize the state I’m in / With my head in the clouds / And be followed around by crowds

Verse 3 though is Stuart judging himself, cracking up, being on edge. Though the music says he wants to be these things, he doesn't
I wanna be high strung / Make people wonder what they’ve done / No one will talk back / Cause you’ll never know / When it might snap

[7] Diggin' a Grave Micah P Hinson [Supernatural; Sam, Dean and John]

Diggin a Grave is about the boys, their dad, and the work he gave them, the work they inherited, and the toll it takes. The banjo, fiddle, squeezebox and ramshackle percussion really help match the feelng of Supernatural. It switches from "I'm digging a grave" to "we're digging a grave" in the third verse which would be the cue for the introduction of John. It's also blessedly short.

[8] Def Con One Pop Will Eat Itself [An Inconvenient Truth/Supersize Me/Farenheit 9/11]
I want to make this.

This is sort of a news vid really and if I had the skill I would resurrect the techniques from early 80s scratch videos, lots of scuffed up footage, fast cuts, loud colours -- it would match the sample-heavy nature of the song.
Ten to doomsday, moving fast... / Heads up! Mind that blast. /No time to sleep, it's Def.Con.One.
This would be shots of troops, shots of the effects of global warming. The chorus is
Get me Big Mac, fries to go... / Get me Big Mac, get me fries to go... / Watchman! We love you all...
Which would all of wobbling to doomsday from Supersize Me. There's a musical quotation from Funkytown at the end of the chorus which would utilise footage of the British bad behaviour in Ibiza and similar to suggest that we're out dancing and drinking while the Earth is getting screwed.

Verse 2 goes "How sick is Dick? / How gone is Ron?" then "What's the time? It's Def.Con.One..." Shots of Cheney, Blair et al ensue. "Hands up! Vote Dr. Doom!" gets you a bit of Dubya. There's a wonderful sample from the Twilight Zone that should be used for some piece of outrageous governmental double-think but I am not sure what yet. I would also like to utilise the zombie gorillas from the Gorillaz video

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