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Life On Mars

Oh show...

I went to a friend's flat to watch the LoM finale and there were three of us there, eating seventiestastic chocolate, rapt. My friend's sister wouldn't even allow talking. The way it all locked together at the end wasn't faultless but it was pretty fantastic. The use of music throughout was even better, as were the performances. I don't think I've ever seen John Simm be bad in *anything* but he was great tonight.

That was the happiest sad ending or the saddest happy ending ever. I loved it. Particularly the cute trick of the last shot.

And it's all so iconnable.

:::goes off and downloads:::

(I can put that in an unlocked entry as I will be buying the DVDs sharpish)

* * *

Many many thanks to anonymous for the marvellous tree. It made me smile a good deal.
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