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The only topic of conversation this weekend

So, I finished the book. I liked a *lot* of it. I rolled my eyes at some of it. But...


Anyone want to talk about it, pitch up in the comments. I've got an appointment with some hardcore this afternoon (oh, get your minds out of the gutter, it's rubble, I'm building a couple of walkways for my nascent vegetable garden) but aside from that my only duty today is dubbing DVDs for a couple of people.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 05:00 am (UTC)
I am so glad Snape was vindicated. AND that Harry finally appreciated all he'd done and that it had been hard. Albus Severus.

And the fact that Snape and Lily's friendship began BEFORE they ever went to Hogwarts was really unexpected.

I found the epilogue a little sickening, but I liked little Al.

I loved all the ordinary people who were out of the fight being randomly caught up in things and hurt. The "wandless" in Diagon Alley, the awful Ministry hearings. The weight of governmental apparatus turned on the populace.

The wicked body count, and NEVILLE and Dobby, who I didn't like made me cry. But Lupin and Tonks BOTH right after they'd had a baby. They were given short shrift because of the narrative, but it was still awful. Fred.

I loved the Krull-like moving camp every day and how Dumbledore's lighter helped Ron find them again. There was quite a lot of clever magical logic in this one. Good on her. That's good world-building. And how intricately she set it up over many books. All the wand-magic info was really cool.

And SERIOUSLY the SNAKE inside Bathilda Bagshot's dead body was ICKY. And the crying flayed baby under the seats and King's Cross. There is wonderful horror in this.