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What ho!

Which sounds rather like a magazine for the hip-hop aristocracy, to be filed on coffee tables next to Pimpmobile Trader and Bling Monthly.

How are you all?

I see that it is comice's birthday. Many happy returns of the day to you!
(Many belated happy returns to those whose birthdays I have missed during the hiatus)

Today I am mostly knackered and sick of the bloody rain. I had planned to reply to the juicy HP comments and indeed I will but I am having to work really hard at work at the moment and I am finding that very inconvenient. Sometimes I long for the old pre-responsibility days of slumming it on the downtable, when I used to spend at least two hours of every work day writing sarky replies to mailing lists and emailing people and actually get to talk to co-workers.

I can't seem to catch up with anything at the moment. There are not enough hours in the day and I have a terrible procrastination problem.

And I am just irritated with other people right now. What is it about some women that makes them so bloody superior? Do they know how they sound? Reaching the age of 30-plus does not make you some kind of arbiter of taste whose only function is to pull everything down for not being clever or sophisticated enough. And my least favourite flavour of LJer is the thirty/fortysomething bootface who hops onto the comments of one of these snooty buggers and does a me-too with some kind of snappy, snotty quip, as if to say, "oh yes, only we two know the true definition of art. Only we have the golden key which enables us to determine what everyone else should like, if they are not irretrievably stupid and plebeian." And it does seem to be an age -related thing because the young whippersnappers don't sound that way, even when they are saying things which are equally objectionable.

I knew I should not have gone onto friendsfriends to read HP reviews. One, I don't have the time because I should be doing other things and two, my god I loathe you people, for values of "you people" which are not on the reading list. Rinse and repeat.

You know what? I *liked* the epilogue. I thought children would love it for its resolution and the people who were on JKR's case anyway would hate it. I am not making any sort of claim that the writing was anything other than fanfic at its most gruesome, but I did think it was the shipping equivalent of "rocks fall, everyone dies" in its determination to end canon the way she wanted it ended. I think it was bloody-minded and cussed of her and I bet she had a big grin on her face when she thought about it after she'd turned in the manuscript. I don't begrudge her that. It made me smile too.

This comment brought to you by the phrase "Go AU in your head if it bothers you that much; that's what your brane is FOR."

Work thing 2: Everyone has suddenly hopped onto Facebook. I've seen a lot of articles recently about how Facebook is taking over from MySpace as the social networking system of choice and about how the class profile skews to the more educated and wealthier on Facebook. However the real reason for the facebook influx at work is this: The bigwigs went to some vastly expensive strategy weekend, in which they played stupid trust games (and softball) and wanked on about web 2.0 and social networking with the result that every climber in the workplace has now got a facebook account and they are busily friending the bigwigs. I roll my eyes.

I have a Facebook account already but seriously, what is the point of them? You can do sweet crack all with them, they just sit there pointlessly as people send each other virtual plants and virtual zombie bites and arse about with dippy little widgets.

Seriously, a million points to anyone who can tell me what Facebook is for if you were born before 1985.

I have become obsessed with this chap, Ulrich Schnauss, who is a producer of ambient music and now the keyboard player with Longview (I think only lilydale knows of Longview). I have had the albums for three weeks and already this track has been played 38 times on my itunes alone. Who knows how many times on the iPod.

A Strangely Isolated Place

He writes beautiful electronica which is very much influenced by the Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and the shoegazers, so everything is awash with sound; lots of chiming high notes, propulsive beats and deliberately artificial sounding blips. Any vocals that there are tend to be heavily treated. I think maybe vonnie_k might like him. almost certainly won't.

Tell me about yourselves. What's a good and happy thing in your life?
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