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notes and wonders

(1) ::::gding ding ding ding dah-dah ding dah dah ding dahdah gding dah dah dah-DAH gding dahdah daaah, gdingggg dah dah dah dahdah ding dah dahdah dahdah gding dah dah dah daaaah gding dahdahdah!:::
(which was the music from Tetris in case you were wondering. There's been a *theme* on my friends list today)

(2) Many many happy returns of the day to haphazardmethod, may the coming year be your best yet.

(3) Tonight I went to see Take That at the O2 and I am not ashamed! I did breathe pure estrogen for about three hours but other than that it was fantastic even if we did have seats up where the air was thin. I have no indie cred but what was that getting me anyway? Some bollocksy emo bands and a bunch of youngsters in thrall to the tossrock of Oasis. No thank you. Give me a thirtysomething boyband with a sense of humour instead (though next week: Crowded House at the Royal Albert Hall \o/ ).

(4) For denyeverything in the hope that this week will be better

This is from a two-part film called "Warriors" which is about British troops serving in Bosnia during the early 90s and is excellent, if thoroughly depressing. It stars Ioan Gruffud, Damien Lewis and Matthew MacFadyen

(5) Last call for holiday cards, they're getting written tomorrow after work.

If you would like a holiday card, please leave your address here


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