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Oh for Pete's sake...

There was just an earthquake in England. WTF?

Do you *mind*, tectonic plates? You're not in New Zealand now, you know. We don't put up with this juvenile shifting and shaking. If you don't stop fidgeting and shaking, you'll get no pudding!

I was sitting in bed, listening to Mark Thomas's 2004 album (very funny, nuclear levels of swearing) and answering LJ comments when the house started swaying. I thought it was a particularly heavy and unusually long freight train going past, but apparently it was a proper 5.3 quake. And its epicentre was only about 30 miles from where my mum and dad live. I'll have to call them in the morning and check that my inheritance hasn't fallen off the walls or similar. (I'm certain they'll be all right, though the poor darling beagle will not be happy)

I know those of you in California and Washington are going "5.3? 5.3? I've had bigger tremors than that in my little toe! I've had more aftershocks going to the bog after a particularly beany burrito! I *laugh* in the face of 5.3 and challenge it to a scrap in the street, confident I could tan its arse for it! 5.3 is for WIMPS and for AMATEURS"

Well, yes, fair play to you, but it's still a weird thing here.

Anyway, back to the point of this entry: link soup

This is my currrent favourite blog: It's Nice That, a visual arts/graphic design blog in which they just pick out stuff they like and write about it. Every day there's at least one marvellous timewasting website to go to

Why That's Delightful is the blog of Graham Linehan, the co-writer of Father Ted. It is a symphony of strange and funny things. The current entry is about the poor quality of erotic costumes for men and made me giggle in a very unbecoming way. Particularly the last picture.

Emma Kennedy's blog hasn't been on top form lately because its author has been in the midst of a health scare, but in general it is a goldmine of gloriously funny entries and Olympic level swearing. I have on more than one occasion read the archives and laughed until I cried.

We Feel Fine harvests sentences from blogs which begin with the words "I feel" and displays them as boinging dots which explode into the sentence in question, or even a random image. You can sort for gender, for age, even for weather. No, trust me, it's *much* better than I made it sound. It's one of those pointless things you can play with for hours, when you are, to pluck an example totally at random, supposed to be filling out a bastard electronic application for your boss's job.

Group Hug is a bit like Post Secret, a bit appalling, a bit addictive.

And now, sleep! Bloody earthquakes permitting. I predict that unless there's some proper news tomorrow, we shall all go earthquake-bonkers.

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