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Journey's End

I think that underwhelmed may be understating it. I think my whelm is limbo dancing. My whelm is in a deep mine, polishing its nails and saying "was that it?"


ETA: Confidential: stop using music I like to score things I am pissy about. Turin Brakes are *mine*, for my own personal headpictures, bastards. AND SIGUR ROS. You ****holes.

Spoilers hidden behind grey stuff in comments, if you have the willpower of a small cocktail sausage


Jul. 5th, 2008 07:05 pm (UTC)

You called the blue suit/brown suit/Rose thing right but not the mechanism of it. The regeneration energy went into the hand and when Donna touched it, it used her energy to regenerate into a half-human doctor. Therefore threefold "man". Donna got timelordery in the transfer and she saves the day.

Dalek Caan turns out to be a traitor. Osterhagen key was cooler than you predicted, there was no giant reset except for Donna.

Half-human warlike doctor commits genocide again by killing the daleks, and an angry doctor leaves him in Rose's universe, at Bad Wolf Bay. HHD says he loves her.

Timelord Donna is burning up (in a badly written scene TBH) and her brain is all kerblooey (well, that's about as scientific as it gets) and he wipes her mind and takes her home. She wakes up as Donna but with no trace of memory of the doctor or the Tardis.

In a scene I actually liked, Doctor tells Wilf and Sylvia that they can never tell her she saved the universe. Sylvia says "of course she did, she's my daughter" Doctor says, angrily, "Then try telling her that" or words to that effect.

He leaves. I fire up scrivener and start writing fixit fic like a piqued teenager.

I think I'll like it better on second viewing. Maybe. Stupid bloody show. I've liked you for thirty years and you keep pissing me off.

Edited at 2008-07-05 07:06 pm (UTC)