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Whinity whine

I rewatched Journey's End when I got home from work. There were cool things in it. Martha was *fantastic* She's become such a great character. Lovely to see Sarah Jane on the mothership, probably for the last time. Still hated the bits I hated with the fire of a thousand suns but life's too short to hate the things you love. See icon for coping mechanism.

For those of you interested in such things, tomorrow's Guardian has an interview with Russell T Davies OBE, purveyor of stupendous character moments and shite plots to the nation's youth. It is hereabouts. Can't find the exact link. I'll just say Doctor No 11? AMY WINEHOUSE. I SHIT YOU NOT.

:::manic laughter to fade:::

Completely rubbish day at work today. I was finished with actual work by 7pm but had to wait for the result of the Federer/Nadal game, which tripled my workload because there were three contingencies: Federer wins, Nadal wins, bad light stops play. Then there was some dithering in case we could get a better picture. (which we couldn't)

I got out of work and some unutterable tosspot had broken the wing mirror on my car, started the drive home, then got caught in a huge tailback because someone had been following Greater London Driving Rules (green light - go; amber light - go faster! go faster!; red light - oh just another five cars then) and totalled their idiotmobile in Bow. Police *everywhere*. Huge tailbacks. Beeping and screaming.

So there was the world's biggest detour, and I finally walked in the door at 10.45.

This is a pants life.

Anyway, to finish on a good note: happy birthday to jood and suzanne_laura. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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