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Jul. 10th, 2008

1) My iPod appears to have died. It keeps switching itself off and on but won't connect to my computer or give me the menu screen, just the endless black and white apple screen of doom. Those of you who know me know that this is heartbreak in electronic form. I had 76GB on there of lovely, lovely stuff.

I can't be without an iPod and I gave my previous one to a friend. :::verklempt:::

2) Iran's missiles are pastede on, yay!

3) David Gray is angry that interrogators are using his music to extract information from prisoners in Iraq.
I was wondering what kind of music would make me beg for release and I think for me it would be gangsta rap. I could stand Celine Dion, for the singalong factor but if someone played me Ani Di Franco over and over I would cheerfully lose my hearing.

What would be the music that would make you crack?

4) I love this song: The Quest Bryn Christopher. It sounds like Amy Winehouse by way of David McAlmont and Motown.

5) Pop quiz, hotshots: can you think of a movie in the past five years featuring a female leading character who was not defined solely by her reproductive system or relationship to the male hero?

Poll #1221192 Oh Hollywood, I despair

A film with an interesting female protagonist is...

Cos all I've got is Pan's Labyrinth

ETA 6) BRADLEY WHITFORD AND RUPERT PENRY-JONES IN A THING ON TELLY! Burn Up It also has Neve Campbell in it, but you can't have everything. It's written by Simon Beaufoy, which may or may not be a good thing.

I also watched Bonekickers on Tuesday, which is Da Vinci Code meets Time Team meets Indiana Jones. I am not sure whether it is magnificent cack, or just cack.


Jul. 10th, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
"Million Dollar Baby" was made within the studio system but not what I'd consider a blockbuster. Didn't it win the Best Picture Oscar though? Bah. (I mostly think of it as a glorified Lifetime channel movie with some uncommonly good acting. But oy, the anvils.)

You've got a point in the biopic front. Hmmm. Big shiny Hollywood blockbuster with a female heroine that wasn't about babies or dudes (and didn't suck)... *scratches head* There was that Nicole Kidman/Sean Penn film, "The Interpreter", which was kind of slow, but a decent flick; They were co-leads and it wasn't about romantic relationship between the two. What else... Jodie Foster in that thriller on the airplane -- "Flightplan." Well, OK, that was all about Jodie being all mama-bear about her offspring in peril, so I guess reproductive system was somewhat involved. Er, at least the offspring was a daughter? She basically did the same movie except set in a tiny room, in "Panic Room." Oh! And there is "Devil Wears Prada." That qualifies, and I think it was a pretty big hit.

Man, there aren't really that many of these in the Hollywood system.