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Bring me the head of ...

I love John Ashcroft. Really I do. He is a work of art.

Usually I don't have a lot of time for people who are on the fundamentalist whirly-eyed far-right of the political spectrum. But Ashcroft is wonderful because you couldn't make him up if you tried

The Grauniad is reporting this:

Ashcroft is asking his staff to sing patriotic songs he wrote himself, described as "Let the Eagle Soar, a tribute to America's virtues, which continues: "Like she's never soared before, from rocky coast to golden shore, let the mighty eagle soar," and so on for four minutes" at staff meetings.

"When asked why she opposed the workplace singalong, one of the department's lawyers said: "Have you heard the song? It really sucks." "

The BBC just broadcast the most delightfully sarcastic report on it. Beautiful. First the covering up of the statues and now this. What a puritan.

I wish he could be deflowered and have his head messed with by large-breasted, louche, smart women … la Sirens (or possibly young men with buttocks like two peaches in a silk stocking. I'm not particular) and afterwards he could emerge a wide-eyed hippie and run off to a Himalayan ashram with Anita Roddick or similar.

In other news, I cannot believe that Stephen Byers survived last week, given how defensively sleazy he appeared and how it's impossible to get a damned train that runs on time. I do wish that the man responsible for transport would take responsibility for transport.

(Stephen Byers is the transport secretary. It was his assistant, Jo Moore, who suggested that 9/11 was "a good day to bury bad news". He didn't sack her. He should have. )

This government is now almost as shamelessly appalling as the Tories were. The sorry thing is that I'll probably vote for them again because I'd rather put my toes in the wood chipper than vote Tory and the local MP is all right. It's a shame that the wheels are coming off the country.

Did more renovation work today. The fumes are making me feel very sick indeed.

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