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Today was crap

In column B for bad
- I managed to bust my deadline today by more than an hour, just by myself.
- I forgot to send my aunt's birthday card.
- I didn't get home until 9pm; everyone else left at 7-8ish.
- My mate just got made redundant, six months before her wedding, which is scary news for anyone who works where I work;
- Speaking of which, LJToys informs me that one of youse who reads here in fact works in the building where I work. All I am saying is omerta. OMERTA, mate. No one say nuffin. I won't ask after you, you don't ask after me;
- It pissed down today, and was particularly torrential while I was walking home. Today's Evening Standard headline was Monsoon Weekend (which is shit in terms of being the weather forecast and a shit headline. Oh, Evening Standard you are pretentious and a bit rubbish at the same time.

In column A for awesome.
- I am presently writing this from my bath, which is hot and full of bubbles. I am eating Ambrosia Creamed Rice from the can and listening to early Simple Minds, before their crap stadium rock phase. I am well clarsy. [the image? why, you're welcome. *g*];
- I have achieved new Pratchett;
- I did not brain anyone with an iMac monitor today (though I was very rude to a poor lady from IT and I am very sorry about it now);
- I have decided that I am taking the month of January off work and will bugger off somewhere hot using the magic of credit cards. It's worth being skint for six months.

There may be actual content and owed emails laters.
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