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1) They're doing "Finding Nemo" on ice at the O2 Arena. Fish. On Ice. I can't be the only person who thinks this is wrongness squared can I?

2) My dad called me during Lost In Austen. I watch *one* thing a week on telly, and he calls in the middle of it. It continues to make me happy, particularly now it's all unravelled from the books. It's all gone gloriously pear-shaped and continues to surprise and delight with its unexpectedness and fun one-liners and taking the piss out of the Ehle/Firth adaptation.

Mr Collins is the most noxious Collins I've ever seen; Caroline Bingley is revealed as a [pleased shriek in lieu of spoiler] Mrs Bennet is approximately XXXmillion times better when played by Alex Kingston than when Alison Steadman is overacting; Wickham is *way* more interesting here than anywhere else and Bingley and Darcy are slashy, sad goodness. Also, Lindsay Duncan! Win all round!

Add in the ocean-going magnificence that is Hugh Bonneville -- rescued from the horror that is Bonekickers -- and I am in love. It's gorgeous, affectionate fanfic.

I suspect that they may have been hoping for a series two which would be about Lizzy Bennet in W6, but I could be wrong. Alas, I believe the ratings suck.

3) Next weekend is the first 40th birthday party of an offline friend of mine. Part of that is that I am among the youngest of my circle of friends, but still. Forty. Ye gods and little fishes. How did we get this far without me noticing? It's only about five minutes since we all turned thirty.

For his birthday we're all off up to Blackpool where he and his friends are getting their band together for one big gig. I am going up on Friday, early, so I can arse about at the Pleasure Beach, and I plan to stay in a posh hotel.

4) Then on Saturday, I am driving back to London because my dad has scored tickets to the football game against the evil, evil Arsenal at the Emirates. This will be excellent. If Citeh lose, it's only expected because, well, it's the Arse. If Citeh win, there will be *such a party* on the terraces. I loved the away games last year because it was only the hardcore fans who could be arsed to go to QPR and Charlton. They knew all the chants and the banter was superb, if foul-mouthed.

5) I am the kiss of death for amusing threads. I start reading there and they turn into a pile of wank. Thankfully b3ta.com's Question of the Week continues to be a mine for all that is hilarious, appalling, offensive and wrong.

6) I was sorry to miss vonnie_k's birthday. Happy belated birthday.

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