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My eyebrow is disappearing

Happy birthday timesink!

rocktober, lower case because it's after midnight and I don't want to shout:

Supernature by Cerrone.
The last but one Goldfrapp album was named after this magnificent slice of 1970s Eurodisco. The words are bollocks but the music is terrific, all pulsing Giorgio Moroder synths and a driving baseline. There's an excellent compilation on iTunes called Italo Disco - Essential Italo-Disco Classics 1977-1985, which I can recommend.

I finished The Writer's Tale last night -- only took me two nights to read it, and this after ten-hour days at work thanks to the credit crunch and other things. That's quick even by my fast-reading standards.

It might be one of the best books about writing I've read and I'd like to talk about it properly when my head isn't intolerably mashed and I've answered yesterday's comments so I don't feel guilty.

My initial impression is this though: I sort of wish I hadn't read it.

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