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Here's one for timesink:

I Told Her On Alderaan by Neon Neon
AKA Gruff Rhys of the sublime Welsh band Super Furry Animals and DJ Boom Bip, this comes from Stainless Style, a concept album about John De Lorean (apparently, it says here on the interwebs) All I know is that it is a sublime piece of 1980s-style pop which makes me happy. It's like stepping back into the days when fluorescent socks were state of the art. Here is a remix of the song by Richard X, which I don't like nearly as much

Wales really is flipping ace, isn't it?*
[*I'm trying to stop swearing]

And finally, I know that the year 1980 had Hungry Heart, Another Brick in the Wall, Call Me, Holidays in Cambodia, Whip It, Upside Down, Ashes to Ashes and ACDC's mighty You Shook Me All Night Long but I wouldn't have a lot of time for someone who didn't love this song nearly as much ;)
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