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I don't know if any of you have seen this (I read about it in the Grauniad this morning) but Boy George has sampled Barack Obama to make an uplifting sort of dancey track called Yes We Can. However, the gobsmacking part is the psychedelic -- and, frankly, somewhat disturbing video. Which has Bowie, and Amy Winehouse as a whirly eyed Svengali cheerleader, Diana Dors and a deeply upsetting clown making masturbatory gestures with a broom.

I couldn't make up something like this.

Sometimes I don't like pointing out music because I am fairly clueless. It's like that time I pointed out a James Blunt song that I loved, not knowing anything about him, and then three months after that the whiny idiot was everywhere and I came to dislike quite violently the song I had previously liked because he was so buttock-squinchingly hideous in everything else and everything he said was arse-gravy of the most idiotic kind. The shortarse Tory twat.

So. I don't know anything about this band except that they're Australian, and they clearly spent some formative time with the music of the early 1990s. They remind me a bit of Frente, another band I don't know much about except I somehow ended up with one of their CDs.

However, I think this song is smashing. I want everyone to download it and love it as I do. Impossible, I know.
Setting Sun // Setting Sun (Ulrich Schnauss remix) by Howling Bells

The verse isn't very remarkable -- the most interesting thing in it is the discordant stance taken by the partly staccato bassline, which stands at right angles to the rest of the song somehow. The guitars have that roomy, echoed chime that Eno lent to U2, and the percussion and strange bassline sort of fill the interstices.

But the chorus. Oh, the chorus. It's like riding a surf wave. It begins with a slow drum build-up and determined crescendo of guitars, bass and vocals -- main vocal and multiply tracked harmonies -- on the words "one more day is not enough to change the world..." and then the wave breaks on "But we'll rise and fall just like the setting sun"
I don't know what the chord change is in that last bit because I am musically illiterate (there must be a word for this) but it is my bulletproof musical kink. There hasn't been a song written with that chord sequence in it that I didn't love. I've included a remix by Ulrich Schnauss, which is creepier but less effective.

Tell me if they're idiots, please.
* * *

Earlier this week dashakay came up with the idea of posting a short playlist for one's OTP:
This is my on/off OTP of me/news. You can download these here

Info Freako Jesus Jones
There is no end to what I want to know
Waiting for the Great Leap Forward Billy Bragg
"if you've got a blacklist I want to be on it"
Spend Your Life Hadouken!
sign on the dotted line, stay in the red until the day that you die
Def Con One Pop Will Eat Itself
Def Con One! Def Con One!
I Don't Know Where It Comes From Ride
How is it everyone's resigned, we're so uptight we can't unwind
Fucking Ada* Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Let me lie fallow in dormant dismay / Tell me tomorrow, don't bother today

[*Not a song about fucking anyone called Ada btw]

* * *
Maybe before I go on holiday I'll post the multiply OTP-ed songlist from my current fandom.

It is possible to relentlessly mono-ship in that fandom, but seriously, with all the glorious femslash, slash, time travel and other possibilities which are yer actual near-canon why on Earth would you?


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Oct. 12th, 2008 04:36 pm (UTC)
I don't know what the chord change is in that last bit because I am musically illiterate (there must be a word for this) but it is my bulletproof musical kink.

I can't name the chord change either but it is indeed stunning. And I agree with you that the original is better than the remix. Thanks for sharing!
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