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I refer you to my post of early in the hours of November 4 in which I predicted that Obama would win, and by a landslide, and the Democrats would control the House and Senate (and okay, yes, yes, it wasn't quite so landslidey as I hoped but he won more than 50% of the vote)

I was right. Next week's predictions:
• I will win the lottery;
• Guy Garvey will realise that I am the matching half of his soul and come to whisk me away from all this;
• Catherine Tate will come back for at least two of the Doctor Who specials;
• Hull City will win the FA Cup so I can go to Wembley again;
• High School Musical 3 will not be quite so awful as I am anticipating it will be (because I can't get out of it);
• A puppy.

:::waits expectantly:::

This seems to be the only appropriate song for today

Happy birthday dashakay
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