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I will shortly have been at work for four and a half hours, in which time I have:

• tried not to laugh too hard at M making jokes about the Borg in conference :::seriousfaceseriousface:::
• gone out and bought posh coffee from the shop over the road. Thank Elvis I only have to do that once a fortnight; it's more expensive than the pub
• eaten too much chocolate -- we are defining too much as any at all -- and too many vanilla wafers
• read all of The Onion's magazine covers
• Got all my Spooks DVDs back offa S, which may mean reacquainting myself with the world's worst spy
• thought about the word "buckminsterfullerene" and how much I like it. Had a long discussion about nanotechnology and socks, which is where the Borg came up.
• pwned at the new scrabulous-y thing on Facebook and contemplated how much I dislike Facebook (a lot)
• worked my way through a packet of chewing gum
• composed an A3 note from Santa to my not!godson, explaining why he can't have a hovercraft for Christmas
• written an email consisting of the words "welcome to your new life, it's shit" -- which frankly I could have sent to ANYONE in this building and it would have been true, whether they have one of the new, shiny ridiculously self-aggrandising titles or not
• read through an entire person's LJ entries for the past year because they were amusing
• mocked the ultra-lefties at work for being twats about poppies. Not to their faces, obviously. I have some small shred of self-preservation
• though not THAT much, since I've read fiction as well...
• written this LJ entry

What I have not done is any work. To be fair, can't actually do any until other people get off their arses, but still. Poor show, self.

ETA, if anyone would like to provide me with some entertainment by say, writing an entry, that would be bloody marvellous
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