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Edited three hours later because I just read the entry and thought "Good grief, K. would you please just SHUT UP about the monarchy and the Middle East. You know NOTHING". So. *g*

Sunday, and I am faced with the ultimate video scheduling dilemma -- because I have cable TV, I can only set the video for programmes on one channel. This means I cannot tape BBC2 *and* Channel 4 the same night. And XF is on BBC2 and West Wing is on Channel 4 and I've never seen either episode.

I missed the second ep of ITSOTG last week and verily there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the land of EastLunnon. And while I know, *objectively* that season two West Wing is a series on fire and Season 8 XF is, well ... not so much on fire, this ceased to be objective for me about five years ago. So.

Hmmm. I can either buy season eight on video, or wait for West Wing to come out on DVD. Because I am borrowing five grand for home improvements and my home would be mightily improved by a DVD player. Although getting some furniture should probably be my first move.

[edit: I taped West Wing. Hope to get home in time to tape XF]

* * *

Good grief, it's nice to be able to speak about Farscape, finally. The episode that aired on Friday in the US was my least favourite of the final four, largely because it feels inconsequential in the light of what's about to happen but also because I would have been quite happy for a large meteorite to fall down and squish the yipping blue buggers within about five minutes of them appearing on the screen.

There were treasures amid the sea of what was, by FS standards though not by those of other SF series, mediocrity. Rygel and Scorpius's manoeuvring was a joy to behold, although I do think that Rygel is showing worrying signs of becoming less self-centred. I like him selfish and rude. I very much look forward to hearing the howls coming in the next couple of weeks when the two-parter appears.

I was also very fond of the way that the cafe owner and his girlfriend were more than just props. One had the sense of a real backstory there. In action stories, these characters are living wallpaper for the heroes and it was not so here.

I always loved Douglas Adams' take on that. He was appalled by the way that people were carelessly killed in series such as Starsky and Hutch -- even the killing of The Girlfriend Of The Week would only merit one episode's grief and emoting, so he made it his business to make people care about a whale and a bowl of petunias then killed them off.

Apparently Radio 4 Had Letters About It (this is a bad thing in the BBC *g*) which proved his point. He called the insane and stupid cops in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Shooty and BangBang, which put across the remainder of his point.

Douglas Adams had a majestic way of naming his characters. He tried to make their names sound as filthy as possible, hence Majikthise and Vroomfondel. Apparently Slartibartfast started out as Phartifuckborlz and Adams changed the syllables until he got something that could be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the 1970s.

(Sideways book rec: If you've read all of Adams' other stuff, which tends to be funny but scattershot, try "Last Chance to See" which he wrote with Mark Carwardine. It's about species extinction and ecology and it's funny but very angry.)

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