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iamsab picked six of my icons to talk about. I make all my own icons, save for the gorgeous Martha ones laurashapiro made for me. If you'd like me to pick six of yours, have at it

This is from The Doctor Dances, the first new Who ep I loved, unreservedly. I like the colours in it but I am not sure about the way it's composed. The quote is from the episode and Eccles looks lovely in it. My favourite one of him is from the outtakes of the Jesus movie though

This is from the movie "Almost Famous" and it's a quote from it. I love that movie, in all its shambolic glory. I couldn't be cool if I lived in a fridge, which is why I like it.

David Duchovny had about five years there where he was just gorgeous, didn't he? This has about fifty different textures on it, and maybe I should have taken 48 of 'em off. But I do love the colours. The quote is from #9 dream by John Lennon

The image is from the cover of Von by Sigur Rós. "I am the speeding spark of light" is from a poem by Jónas Hallgrímsson, called Alheimsvíðáttan [The Vastness of the Universe]. I just really liked the sentiment of it. The full first verse is
I am the speeding
spark of light
flung by God
from the forge of Chaos.
I soar on wings
swifter than wind
above the paths
of the pulsing stars.

This was stolen from a Guardian poster produced, I think, for the 2006 World Cup. It was an ironic response to the usual embarrassing jingoism. I am torn between thinking it wanky and thinking it funny -- I needed a football icon. I know England only has two syllables. Sorry.

This is a scan from a Steve Bell cartoon published the Guardian about eight years old, from when they were talking about House of Lords reform. It is of one of his penguins sitting in the House of Lords saying "You can't beat the quality of debate in here, can you fuckface?" I love it beyond my ability to textually render the emotion. It is my politics icon

If you want, I'll pick six of yours that I find interesting for the same sort of reason.

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