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I don't give a badger's nadgers...

I got spanked, and not in the good way, by the Budget. One per cent on National Insurance contributions. The sneaky bastards said they weren't going to raise income tax but I should have known they would work out some way to hoik up the taxes

I am going to be 500 quid a year worse off and I can't even whinge much because I pay the top rate of tax and NHS funding is a cause I believe in. Healthcare should not be provided at the diktat of insurance companies. People on the streets should get the same healthcare as people in mansions.

Still. 500 quid. Ouch.

It's a "putting your money where your mouth is" issue. I believe that almost everything which does not impinge on the well-being of non-consenting adults should be legalised, but then taxed to buggery, and this means shutting the hell up about the pain of tax rises.

[whining] but *500* quid [/whining]

Heh. We just got tomorrow's newspapers about the Budget speech. The night editor is going through them and this is his take on the opposition's comments on the speech: "And the Tories said 'arse, arse, arse'. Wankers"

Good to see that the fine traditional of journalistic impartiality lives in this office. *g*

* * *

What I feared to do with a certain mailing list has come to pass. It's nice being correct in a piece of nifty psychological prediction but that doesn't make it sting less.

* * *

Becky Carpenter (the one from Princeton who is a beacon of sense) has decamped to atbtvs. This depresses me. Michelle Kiefer has lost interest in writing XF, she says. This depresses me. I've been surfing XFdom and it is the land of the lost links. (Appelsini had a lovely phrase for it; something about cybertumbleweed...) This depresses me. PD is never saying never, but she's saying that in an insurance-policy sort of way.

And so on and so on and are you seeing the pattern yet, K? Everyone is leaving.

I'm like the last sad bastard at the party, shouting "Don't go home yet!" at friends who are tired and have other parties to go to. I'm clutching my bottle of beer and trying to turn up the music as the hosts put on their pyjamas and yawn pointedly.

[I have this theory that slashers are like canaries in the mines. If slashers are in the fandom and writing rampantly, it's a thriving healthy fandom; if they all drop off the perch, it is not. ("This is an ex-fandom; it has ceased to be" *g*) Presently, I think the slashers are all paddling in the shallow but enticing pool that is Smallville, where the boys are pretty and the innuendo runs wild and free. I can see the attraction. But I miss the days when M/K was not written by a teensy group of people.]

If I could turn back the clock, I would. I want things to be bright and shiny and have that sense of companionable adventure that comes from fannish togetherness and loving a show and being into it together

(and yes, I know it is a SNARE and FOOLISH SENTIMENT, and anyone who thinks that is SAD BEYOND ALL MEASURE, and all the other things that the caps-lock-toting whirly-eyed more-cynical-than-thou debunkers of happy delusion shout at anyone daft enough to admit this. They can sod off).

The trouble is that I don't particularly want to get into anything else. Nothing else stays with me in the same way.

I had a brief love of WW but the signal-to-noise ratio and endless Josh/Donna arse made me quit all but two lists. Plus, unless you write post-eps or politics, your subject has been done already. Endlessly. So I only want to read people who can really *write* in that fandom.

Buffy is too mature a fandom to be getting started in now. (I'm not saying that some people haven't done it brilliantly, just that I have no appetite for it) It's also too fixated on death'n'shagging.

Not that these are not fine things in and of themselves. It's just that I got my "hee, the characters can do that on the internet?!?!" NC17 phase out of the way while reading XF. I want plot with my death'n'shagging and destruction. Or fine writing and cunning insights

If I were to write anything, it would be either Gilesfic or Angel. I like Buffy to watch but feel no urge to add anything to what is onscreen -- perhaps because the Spuffy is not an abiding passion of mine. It seems pretty complete as-is. Angel though, there's room to work there. Loooove Wesley and Cordy.

And I love Giles. End o' story. But no abiding urge again.

Potterfic -- I can see the attraction but I can't get over the fact that it's the product of one author's mind, not a packaged, polished product of a big entertainment business. (I know Bloomsbury/SCholastic is a big entertainment business, doing very nicely out of Potter thankyouverymuch, but it *is* different) It feels like trespass. But hey, if you want to write it, cool. It's not like it's RPS ::ducks:: *g*

Farscape I could seriously get into, given time. I love it for its brashness and daring and arc plotting. But I don't *love* it yet. I don't love it irrationally, despite and because of its flaws. I don't get narked, despite my best intentions, when someone criticises it. I sometimes wonder if I am only watching it because people I like very much are there. (I know I'm not really, but it does sometimes cross my mind)

It still doesn't open up the endless vistas of possibilities that XF still does... well, for this lapsed writer anyway -- although this is the only show where I think it *could* be the same.

So... I love that bloody infuriating, disappointing, bizarre show and I don't give a badger's nadgers who knows it. I know all the arguments against, all the criticisms of S7-9 -- I agree with most of them -- but this is an utterly irrational affection for two characters and an online milieu which really chimed with me.

This was all sparked by something on wickedwords' journal:

And actually, I think that belief that there can be only one 'real' relationship in a person's life is part of the fear about new fandoms too. Will my friends ditch me and what we had for this new guy and his friends, rather than staying buddies with me? It feels like the same emotional dynamic to me.

It's all about The Fear. Jarvis Cocker is wise indeed.

* * *

People are going to Potosi this weekend. I am so envious I could spit. News at 11.

However, all is not lost as I have a houseguest! Downward spiral of gloom averted! Huzzah!

Still got no furniture, mind.

I could've bought a sofa with that 500 quid. Bastard government. *g*
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