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I am typing this from behind the sofa...

The reason they're making the Doctor Who announcement at 5.35pm on a Saturday, the weekend after new year is this:
(1) There's no interesting news* at the moment save Gaza and probably won't be unless something big and horrible happens between now and 9pm (and we're all bored and depressed by Gaza because it's an intractable problem) so you've got a guaranteed front page/ p3/ p5 picture and story on most of the Sunday newspapers;
(2) Off-stone times at said newspapers are about 7pm for first edition so the editor won't have time to do the story in more than a straight up and down way but they can still do it properly. It is also unlikely they will have time to turn up much more than BBC portraits or commissioned theatre/TV portraits of whoever it is, so no shots of the future timelord falling out of a nightclub with a model on his arm and idiot dust up his nose;
(3) They still have time to get some wanker (or in the case of the S. Times, Caitlin Moran) to do a thinky piece about how the new Doctor represents "a magnificent change"/"a disappointing revelation" and stick it in to fill more space;
(4) Some tabloid hack won't have time to ferret out who is taking over and splash it across their august chip wrappings before the BBC can get it good and launched on their own terms.
[*"interesting news" here is defined as stuff that the editors of most newspapers find interesting, not actual stuff that you or I might find interesting. That's a whole Venn diagram it's best not to get into]

And now my sod of a headache is demanding Lemsip and a trip to the shops for the Saturday Guardian. Adieu, until later.
At some point I will write about something other than a daft TV show.
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