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MANAMANA! Do-doo-de-do-dooo

So, as SEP was here, I have spent this month's fun money already. And next month's. My budget is more buggered than coalman's 'orse and I now have only work and painting to look forward to.

Accordingly, I went out and spent money I shouldn't be spending (from the rainy day fund) and bought me a DVD player.

Oh. My. Dear. Sweet. God.

Why did I not get one of these marvellous machines sooner? (Well, I know why, because we were using Tina's shagged out old telly, which could barely cope with the video, but still...)

I spent another hundred quid on DVDs -- happy birthday to me -- and have spent the whole evening:

**swooning over the picture quality of the lovely Farscape DVDs ("...Different Destinations", how I love thee, even though thou art depressing as buggery);

**replaying bits of the season one West Wing eps so I can actually *get* all the jokes. Damn, those people speak fast and they are always moving about;

**shouting foul abuse at the commentary track on *cough* A Certain DVD Which Shall Remain Nameless Because I Don't Wish To Look Even More Of A Wanker Than I Already Do.
(however, may I just say: completing the kiss, MY ARSE)


**singing along to the Muppets.

Yes, I have the Best of the Muppets on DVD. Feel free to mock.

I merely remind you that I *have* the Best of the Muppets on DVD.


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