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Many happy returns of the day to snacky. Apologies for the lateness; I was up north for the weekend.

* * *
I am going to change the name of this LJ because it's the only way I am ever going to bring myself to write in it again, for various reasons which do not bear public examination. So if you see an odd name on your LJ list in the next week or so, that's who it is. Probably.

I'm also going to reshape my reading list. I mostly quit reading people who hadn't updated, hadn't answered email, or when it was a user name and I couldn't remember who the hell the person behind it was.

Accordingly, it is defriending amnesty month. To be honest it always is, though I am not fond of the process.

But please, have at it. Defriend away. Particularly if you don't want to hear about UK politics; what is wrong with The Wire (1. Insufficient spaceships. 2. Not enough frocks); Spooks; music; Doctor Who and whatever else I can think of.

It's probably blasphemy but I like the adaptation of North & South even better than the 1995 Pride & Prejudice, despite soggy Colin Firth. I feel as though my world has wobbled slightly on its axis.
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