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The Radio Times introduces the worst poetry in the world

Someone on Twitter (Chris Addison, I think) said that this poem by Carol Ann Duffy, our poet laureate, was like Vogon poetry and I thought: "Nah, I quite like her stuff. Can't be that bad."

But, oh dear sweet Lord, it is. It's Nancy Millstone-Jennings. It's the 'vocal stylings' of Milli Vanilli. It's Derby County the year they barely won in the premier league. It's George W Bush as president. Oh, Carol Ann, no. It's unintentionally funny, and while I agree with 90% of the sentiments expressed, I am not sure that putting them all together in that format was the way to go.

And now, in the gloating section of our day: including today, I only have four more working days in 2009, thanks to working my bits off for the latter half of November and December.

Political yay! I pray that we're heading for a hung parliament, with the Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power. I suspect the Tories will squeak in, but a hung parliament would be interesting so long as they could hammer out a consensus on the deficit and cuts.

And finally, the former director of public prosecutions rips Tony Blair a new one. For all that it's a dry Whitehall inquiry, the Chilcot evidence has been sort of horrifying in its own quiet way.
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