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FIVER #2: music

Let it Go aside, I've been listening to a lot of music lately. Here are five things some of you should like. Maybe.

Asgeir Trausti is the toast of Iceland and other bits of Scandiwegia. He's very young but, his dad writes his lyrics and then they're translated into English by the wonderful John Grant, which produces an interesting effect. Here's his lead-off single, Torrents

Paolo Nutini has been filed alongside James Morrison, James Blunt, and other wet singer songwriters called James, when he's more soulful than that, and pretty in debt to Stax. This is Scream

Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo. This is Pause, which is about as slow as a song can be. The album in general is Australian country music by way of Cambridge, and I highly recommend both Almanac and Despite The Snow (don't have the third one yet)

Bonus live version of Ropes so you can see how damned good this band are, despite ropey quality of recording:

Blanket of Night, one of the loveliest songs off Elbow's last album. Saw them live, they were immense, if you can go, do.

Wrong or Right by Kwabs sounds a little like a gloomier version of Killer. The video is pleasingly weird -- like a crossover between street dancing and zombie invasion and strangely beautiful.

Kwabs' Last Stand is a Winter Soldier vid waiting to happen.

If this works, maybe, you can download here

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