November 28th, 2002

greetings, SG1:feretti

I can be an ungrateful bastard today. Hurrah.

Been at work for almost an hour now and still have nothing to do. I thought I would turn to my beloved LJ for support and interest at this difficult time.

But no, you people don't care that I am at work until 1.30am and bored to tears. You care nothing for my pain. You just sit there, stuffing turkey down your gullets in the bosom of your family, not giving a toss about those of us who have to soldier on with only a can of Diet Coke, a copy of Private Eye and ten A-type personalities on the back bench arguing about the placement of The World's Dullest Story Ever. You callous bastards.


Suppose I will have to make my own amusement today. Hmmmmfff.

Have a wonderful holiday anyway, those of you who are holidaying.
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greetings, SG1:feretti

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I waft love in the general direction of Ropo who was clearly very very bored and attempted to alleviate my misery by calling me at work.

Sorry I had to bugger off so sharpish, but it was 40 minutes before deadline and we were suddenly waist-deep in stuff to do.

[The night editor, who had also been bored, is now humming Spartacus-ish incidental music, making the sound of the whiplash and shouting "row harder"]

But thanks anyway for brightening the work-day

(btw, the guy you spoke to? Nick *g*)