March 18th, 2003

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Things I thought I would never say Pt.1

I love Robin Cook. Bless the [ETA: *EX*-] Leader of the House of Commons's pointy ginger head.

I always thought he was a malevolent, beardy little troll who couldn't keep his teeny-tiny plonker in his pants, but his resignation speech was an Exocet to the heart of the Blair government. Bless him for saying everything we were thinking.

Now is the time for Clare Short to prove that she is not all mouth and trousers, or we will lose all respect for her.

I have had a lovely day. London is sunny (like that first day when you were here denyeverything1, only *hot*) and I went to The Globe and did the tour, walked from the Hungerford bridge to the Millennium Bridge, ate out, then watched a fantastic performance of "My Fair Lady" at Drury Lane.

This time next week I will be in California. Huzzah!

No I am not worried about flying, for the fifty-zillionth time.

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