September 27th, 2004

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I. Lob, actually

In search of meaningless entertainment this cold, wet weekend, I went to see Wimbledon at the cinema. It's from the same stable as Love, Actually, the odious Notting Hill and Bridget Jones -- and boy, you can tell.

I decided on that because it's a win-win situation so far as I am concerned: if I like it, hooray, if not, I can get a good, cleansing hate on.

I should have hated this. It concerns the usual trans-Atlantic romance between the diffident Englishman who lacks the killer instinct and the bouncy positive American woman -- a plot design I am so tired of that I could vomit.

But as it happened, I liked it a lot more than I expected. It had a good-natured charm about it. It's a film in which good things happen to fairly nice, witty people.

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II. Alone again, naturally

It's been a strange sort of week. My flatmate became my ex-flatmate on Thursday and I spent the weekend thoroughly cleaning -- bottoming out, as my mother would call it -- the bathroom and kitchen, doing all those jobs which seldom get done more than once a year.

It's peculiar. I miss her. I wanted to live alone so very badly but I do miss having a friend about. The next few months are going to involve a great deal of painting, plastering and woodwork, I can tell.

We're going to see One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest tomorrow with a bunch of people from journalism school who I first met 10 years ago. Shite. A decade. Anyway, it has Christian Slater and Mackenzie Crook in it, so it should be a decent bit of actor-spotting even if it ends up being a load of old nonsense.

It's only taken four days to return to my previous habit of yelling obscenities at the TV, but in my defence, it's the Labour party conference and I've got the government on my telly to be furious with.

III. May You Live In Interesting Times, Redux.

This week is the Labour party conference. For those of you unfamiliar with the British political system, it's like the DNC or RNC, except it's way less of a "we all stand together" style love-in. Rather, it's the time when all the shouty rebellious party members gather to bollock the leadership for their many and foul failures -- in the case of the Conservative conference, for their leadership's failure to move to the right of Attila the Hun, and for Labour, for their failure to declare a socialist republic with mandatory lentil bakes.

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IV. Any other business

(a) I just watched Dirty War on the BBC, which was a sphincter-tightening piece of what-iffery about the exploding of a dirty bomb in the UK. The film-makers kindly chose to shoot it somewhere I have to go every day on my way to work, and made the radiation cloud drift over where I work. Cheers for that, you bastards.

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