July 18th, 2005

greetings, SG1:feretti

Go on. Just guess. It's a shocker.

I was not bored by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Who could have predicted that Harry would end up in a foursome with Neville, Luna and Peeves? Such a novel use for butterbeer and chocolate frogs.

I also loved the scene where the two personnel officers accidentally stumble into a portkey at the LSE graduate jobs fair and end up asking Hermione to join Accenture to work on the muggle government's public-private finance initiative because that sort of thing requires magical thinking.

And who could possibly have been bored by the scene in which Hagrid strips naked before Trelawney and dances around the astronomy tower, yelling "how about them crystal balls, eh?"

Oh no. Did I spoil someone? Oops. Anyway...

I'm glad it was Potter this weekend. It made a change from the past week, which mostly involved insane rage at inanimate objects and news-junkie, obsessive-compulsive reading of every serious daily newspaper (and that fascist arse-rag The Daily Mail because I like to know what my mum's next mad rant will be about before it hurtles down the phone lines)

I bought the book at 12.10am at Tesco. I thought, "none of you buggers [by which I mean LJ, I'm afraid] is going to spoil me for big stuff" It was a pretty quick read. It only took about four hours on Saturday morning, whereas I remember OotP took a day and a half because I had to keep flipping back to make sure I had it all worked out.

I have no fully appropriate Potter iconage for this post. I made one which was appropriate and silly and unspoily in my opinion but then I imagined the whining of people who would comment with "OMG, you spoiled me, you have tainted my fannish experience and pierced my very soul". After all, some idiots think you can spoil *news*. They might well commit seppuku if you revealed that their ship of choice was jossed without putting it in whitefont, behind a cut-tag guarded by vicious attack-gerbils, and adding the phone number of an appropriate helpline to pick up the pieces afterwards.

I'm not talking about thoughtless so-and-sos including spoilers for new books, movies or TV shows in an open post immediately after broadcast/publication -- that's daft by any calculation -- but rather people who allude to the media product in question in a relatively generic way then get their heads taken off by shrill morons with an over-developed sense of entitlement.

Look, I have to ask: when someone posts such a comment, how many of you first write a reply stating "then stay away from LJ until you've read the book, you over-sensitive fool" ** or even tap out an elegantly minimalist "fuck off" before deleting and returning to the more tactful "That was not my intention, nor do I feel I spoiled you, but if your fannish experience is compromised, I'm sorry for that"

Just me then.

Anyway, here's a snarky Spooks/MI-5 icon. It's a Harry who said the quote, so close enough, eh?

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Finally, I direct your attention to this post by pandarus. I agree with every articulate paragraph.

[** I know some people don't have the money to get the hardback right away but they may have to accept the possibility of spoilage leaking from the world in general, never mind LJ. ]
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