May 3rd, 2008

greetings, SG1:feretti


My favourite ever cover of G2 consisted of an entirely black background with, in tiny white type, the words "oh god". That was after the re election of George Bush in 2004.

I'd like a reprise.

Boris Johnson -- or as some horrifying idiot on the radio just called him, "BoJo" (angels are weeping) -- just won the mayoral election by about 14,000 votes. He won the first round by about 200,000 votes. He mostly got a huge vote from the leafy rich parts of outer London, which makes me wish to reduce everything outside of zone 3 to a heap of molten slag but that might be a slight over-reaction.

Don't come crying to me when the dandelion-haired tosser makes gaffe after gaffe and lets 4x4s range free all over London, their noxious drivers barging everyone else out of the way.

His acceptance speech was pretty perfect; I just don't believe it's the precursor of anything good

And as for the 69,000 people who voted for the BNP as their first preference, I hope you have piles the size of rugby balls every last day of your life, you despicable racist wastes of DNA.