June 24th, 2008

greetings, SG1:feretti

Watch as the majestic teal dear bounds across the snowy field of your screen...

Oh Russell T, you wrote an episode just for me? With alternate universes, apocalypses, character death, shoutouts to the second world war and ordinary people being the Key To Everything and all that stuff? And then the thing at the end I thought I was so over? Apparently I wasn't. I squeed, loudly, God help me.

You are THE DOG'S. ::in tone usually used for talking to beloved pets:: Who's the dog's this week? You are. Ohyisyouare. Who's a lovely writer, then? Yisyouare.

If only you hadn't spilled those unpleasantly whiffy racial issues on it, I would have been beside myself. As it is, I am merely suited, booted and thoroughly tinhatted ready for the finale. Bring it on.

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And to get you in the mood, All the Strange Strange Creatures

Oh, how I loved this episode, despite all the things I didn't like. Women are the heroes, from Sarah Jane to Martha to Donna to Capt Magambo to Rose and it's not seen as anything unusual. They just do because that's who they are. It's sad that that's an infrequent enough occurence to be cherished.
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