June 29th, 2008

greetings, SG1:feretti

Yes, yes, *that* again.

I remember last year, I would log onto LJ on the morning after Supernatural aired and there would be acres and acres of posts in which the merest quarter-lift of Jared Padalecki's eyebrow or the kind of salt circle Dean had used generated acres and acres of copy, and I would be all "OH FFS, DON'T WATCH, DON'T CARE NEITHER! WHYFORE WILL YOU NOT ENTERTAIN ME, LJ FOLK?"

I am very sorry. Those of you who are not watching Dr Who are probably experiencing the same right now, as we reach the end of the season. It was The Stolen Earth yesterday. It's only going to get worse this week, you know. And for the weekend afterwards. And the week after that. So, The Stolen Earth: Is it terrible that I laughed a fair bit? That I enjoyed it but there was also inappropriate laughter?

I just can't take the DRAH-MAH! seriously when it's like that. For Midnight and Turn Left, I was completely there but there was no there *there* in TSE. It was 70% set-up and ominous foreshadowing; 10% obscure yet satisfying continuity references; 10% putting right the things that pissed people off in Series 1-3 and 10% actual new plot.

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