August 10th, 2008


A day for which ibuprofen was invented...

Happy birthday loligo

* * *
A sad thing: after years of joyful obscurity, if I google my proper name I actually appear. Until a couple of months ago I was invisible on google and liked it. Now, mostly because of Facebook, I can be found. And it is me. This is the joy of having an unusual name. No one can spell it, no one can pronounce it. No one else on the internet has it. Everyone asks where I am from.

I am using "joy" in its less familiar sense of "total pain in the arse", obv.

* * *
Re: yesterday's poll: Apparently, if you live in a large megopolis, you are more likely to have stupid rules about calling people on their mobile phones and divvying up your drinking days.

It's probably one of those London things I used to mock when I lived up north.

I feel a bit homesick for the north at the moment. Not that I don't like London, but I understand the north. I understand the people and feel at home there in a way I never really have in the south even though I have spent eleven years here now. I occasionally feel the need for a manual. I also worry that I love the north of memory and actually living there for a month would cure me. I suspect it might. I think I just don't quite mesh with anywhere.

* * *
Blink won the telly Hugo award, to no one's great surprise. I think it's a great piece of work but I do prefer Human Nature/Family of Blood, despite the changes made which lose the politics of the original novel. Comparing the two pits something immensely clever against something gut-wrenching and with a real heart to it. However, the gut-wrenching quality only really kicks in when you know the longer term mythos of the show in question.

I was also pleased to see the enchanting shaggy dog story that was Stardust pick up an award. I am reading the Michael Chabon novel which won at the moment and it's glorious. Also congratulations to matociquala on her marvellous win.

* * *
Allow me to share with you something which is *love* and funny.

Mark Kermode, my absolute favourite film critic (even if he's wrong about the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie), reviews Mamma Mia with Peter Sellars, Swedish accents, singing, reversing the polarity of the dilithium crystals, and Stellan Skarsgard.

I thought this was really funny, but I feel huge affection for that podcast anyway, what with its in-jokes, saying hello to random members of folk prog-rock bands and taking the piss out of Sienna Miller

* * *
And now, I must get back to being a completely talentless wanker. Hapless hackery doesn't just write itself, you know.
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