October 8th, 2008

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THIS scares the shit out of me. If it didn't scare the shit out of you, I would be utterly banjaxed. Well, I would at least *look* at you funny.

The government may tell you that it is merely monitoring the internet for signs of terrorism or whatever the current Big Bad is -- Irish republicanism, communism, an unnatural love of cheesegraters -- there's always something. But the thing with information is that governments will *use* it.

Do you trust your government right now? The government that was so lax on regulation that it allowed fatcat bankers to develop the equivalent of mortgage DDT and spray it around the entire global financial system? The government that let top secret photographs be sold on a camera on eBay? The government that might possibly be able to find its arse with both hands, but only with an instructional video, a torch and a report from four focus groups on arse-hand relational strategy.

They will use the information against you. It will leak. It will be misattributed. It will be lost. It will be sold to whatever dodgy fuck just gave the party £100,000 and wants to target their sales force at you.

Do you want to apply for a job only to have the HR fellow ask you why you did that search for "giant cocks" on google when you were 15? Or 30? Or ask about that email where you admitted you went out and got twatted on something illegal all weekend? Hell, I've drunk-googled many, many embarrassing things. I've sober-googled many embarrassing things. The human brain's capacity for curiosity tag-teamed with lewdness is legendary.

And don't go telling me "if you don't do anything wrong you've got nothing to fear". I am so sick of that half-wit excuse for wilful blindness that I could scream. You've got nothing to fear only if you're the one in control of the definition of what "wrong" is. And here's the clue: you're *not*.

We already live our lives in public. Our movements can be tracked, our spending monitored, our health records scrutinised. If you have a blog, even more so. It's already a calculation, a dare, putting this much on public view, and guessing that you can front out whatever's coming. Do you want them to be able to access even more of your soul?

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