October 11th, 2008

DW: blue wordless glasses

One more day is not enough to change the world, but we'll rise and fall just like the setting sun

I have a question: What is your favourite LJ post that you've ever written. Story or commentary or just silliness. Feel at liberty to link me to your greatest hits.
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I'm not distressed. I just can't remember what the mood icon looks like. Well, maybe I am a bit distressed.

I'm a little bit distressed that I had to go into work yesterday when it was my day off, for reasons which don't bear dwelling on because I hoped, so very much, that they weren't true. Someone I like is all at sixes and sevens and I wish more than I could say that there was something I could do. There isn't.

I am also a little distressed that I made a hideous mistake yesterday that was related to knackeredness and being overworked. I should feel bad that next week New!Boss will be on his own but, selfishly, I hope they just realise they need me and I should not under any circumstance be given the elbow. Even if I can't count when I've been staring at a screen for seven bloody hours straight. Actually I can't count when I'm fine, it's just that I remember to check when I'm fine.

I'm a little distressed that I did two hours overtime today and found out that an extra hour at work is about to become, if not mandatory, expected. I hate that. I'm already there late most days. If it gets so I am there until even later a couple of days a week, I may cry. So, I am well knackered and I haven't had time to do any chores all week -- but if that's the limit of your problems these days, you're a lucky panda.

BUT! Today before work I went out and, in defiance of the credit crunch -- and indeed good sense -- I bought a very expensive jacket which I like very much. It is made of leather, which I am not 100% at peace with, but it is gorgeous. Happy birthday to me, a bit early.

And I now have two weeks off. Yay!

I am also reading Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff, which is huge fun. I was reading The Road by Cormac MacCarthy but I think I might read that while I am at my parents' on Sunday and Monday and can appreciate the true meaning of despair.

Work Colleague who was alarmingly prescient about the credit crunch and now says that this is the end of days, we're totally fucked by global warming and we all need to buy guns to defend our tins of baked beans (she allegedly also mentioned putting heads on pikes round your house pour encourager les autres today, but I think she was joking) has also been reading The Road.

Which explains a lot.

Are we living through the 1970s again, by the way? Should we expect power cuts and the three-day week?

I have a music post but I think I'll separate it out. Why post it all in one when I can spam you three times in 24 hours?
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