January 24th, 2009

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Oh my God, go here.

It is the 404 page for b3ta. Some of these are HIDEOUSLY offensive and some of these are the funniest things I have seen in weeks.

And now I shall return to my ridiculous crush on Michael Sheen who has a glorious Welsh burr, messy hair and just told Miranda Sawyer, who talked about Laurence Olivier's process of building a character, that when he is building up a characterisation he "starts with the arse". I love you Michael Sheen. You, me, Guy Garvey and Barack Obama are getting married, right now. Some of you lot can join our polyamorous union as long as I don't have to do the cooking or the washing up.

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And now The Culture Show is talking about The Wire. They have an interview with Ed Burns on writing the show and Generation Kill. Everyone at work is talking about The Wire. People are posting on the noticeboard about The Wire. M is lending out the boxsets like a crack dealer trying to build his market.

I think the universe is telling me to watch The Wire. I am RESISTING. RESISTING, I tell you.

"The trick is to make them people"

Goddammit, I am going to have watch the bloody bastard Wire.
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