February 19th, 2009

greetings, SG1:feretti

The Week of Pimping, Day One: Teddy Thompson, Moses Jones, The Lilac Time

I thought I might talk about things you might like but might not have heard of.

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2. The Lilac Time
The Lilac Time were formed by Stephen Duffy, who remains famous for three things
a) Being in one of the original line-ups of Duran Duran
b) This 1985 hit, Kiss Me, which was much-mocked for its lyrics. A little harshly, I think. It's very very 1980s
c) Co-writing most of an album with Robbie Williams before he completely misplaced the plot.
In between (b) and (c) he formed a group called The Lilac Time, who wrote folk-rock much influenced by Nick Drake and had pretty much zero success with it. They were the very definition of music press darlings whose critical acclaim never translated into sales. Collapse )

3. Teddy Thompson
Last week I had the pleasure of going to see TT in Shepherd's Bush in the fine, fine company of ravurian, ruric, parthenia14, rhade_rad and some other nice people whose LJ names I don't know. He's excellent live and I urge anyone who sees him playing in their area to go and see him. He's very handsome, has a wickedly dry line in onstage patter and his band play like bastards. His website is here.Collapse )

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I'm a little glum this week. It'll be the bowel-squinching fear of failure that's doing it.