February 24th, 2009

XF: writing is depressing

Law & Order: Pretty People; week of enthusiasms: topical edition; states of meh.

I added some new people to the reading list. This is because I am bored and want interesting things to read. Six days to go and I am back at work. I cannot wait. Feel at liberty to roll your eyes and call me sad. I am sad. I need structure.

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I watched the new Law & Order: UK tonight. It's very slickly done. They've kept a lot of the stylistic tics of the original, including the music stings and the time/place captions. It looked good -- grainy, hand-held camera but not to vomit-inducing levels -- and the casting is excellent.

Aside from Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman, who are terribly pretty and the main reasons for two fandoms taking a squint at the show, there's Ben Daniels, whose voice is brain-melting; and Bradley Walsh, who has excellent comic timing and whose acting I like very much, even though his range is narrow.

Fandom failed to tell me that Harriet Walter and Bill Paterson were slumming it among the six leads, for which you all must die, obviously.

So far, so good, right? Alas, no. The script, directly adapted from an original script from the US version, was mechanical and awkward and did not take much account of the differences between the US and UK law systems. For example, I don't know whether district attorneys investigate crimes, but I was under the impression that the Crown Prosecution Service didn't have time for that, being chronically underfunded and also lawyers.

Worse still was that it was totally tone-deaf. Collapse )

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Today's enthusiasm, in honour of the Oscars, is the films of Danny Boyle. I loved Slumdog Millionaire, slight though it was, because of the fantastic direction, full of kinetic energy and colour, and the performances he and his Indian co-director, Loveleen Tandan, pulled from the actors. He always seems to manage to do both of these things and he switches genres. Collapse )

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I cleaned out the downstairs cupboard today, which has not been done for 18 months. Went for a bath and when I got out there was a fuckoff massive cockroach on the kitchen floor. Which I SLEW with my mighty kitchen tissue obviously. I am now going to be seeing cockroaches out of the corner of my eye for the next year. I am so hacked off.

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The five words meme. vivwiley gave me the following words Collapse )