April 13th, 2009

greetings, SG1:feretti

DW: Planet of the Dead

I am quickly piggybacking on an unsecured broadband connection to post this. There's someone round here whose broadband network is called "getyerown". Bless 'em

I think I watched the Doctor Who Easter special in the best possible way: with two boys under the age of ten and a very large glass of wine. (I just wrote "glass of win" which would also be true. Fairtrade Chilean red wine is gorgeous).

It was beaten in the ratings by that contradiction in terms, Britain's Got Talent, which featured a boy blowing up a hot water bottle until it exploded, as "entertainment". Never let it be said that the United Kingdom lacks high culture. Never let it be said that we shouldn't string up Simon Cowell by his shrivelled manbits and spank him until he promises to *stop it*.

Anyway, Planet of the Dead.

Firstly the verdict of the small boys: Collapse )
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