January 25th, 2010

spooks: FUBAR

Why you should be watching Being Human.

I feel as though I should pimp Being Human to all and sundry. I had my doubts in the first week but it turned out that it was indeed just the sheer amount of exposition the writers had to get through to turn from finale to new story strands.

The second episode last week was bang back on form and this week had me yelling swearwords at the TV. I love being shocked like that. It's very frustrating that so few people that I know talk about it, just as it is with Spooks.

I know that fandom/people/whatever have moved on to Twitter, Facebook and other places which do not encourage greater discussion, but I do miss the days when you'd get a collective mass update of reviews every time something aired. The only show which seems to provoke that sort of reaction now is Supernatural, and I am not sure I can textually render how unlikely I am to watch any more of that show (or indeed any show without women in major ongoing roles. Apparently I can forgive all manner of fail except lack of female protagonists)

Being Human remains my favourite show at the moment, if for no other reason than that it has twice shocked the crap out of me already. At first I thought tonight's revelation was a giant cheat, a twist pulled out of the writers' collective uber-arse, then I watched the repeat at midnight and, lo, I had just missed the pitter-patter of very tiny anvils.

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Well played show. Well played.

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I've been doing some reading lately. Yesterday, M finally persuaded me to see Avatar in 3D at the IMAX in Greenwich with him. He said I couldn't possibly appreciate it until I saw it in 3D and bugger me if he wasn't right. It's still stupid and cheesy but lord it's so pretty when it's that big. After that the idea of watching Take Me Out on ITV wasn't very appealing so I read Juliet, Naked, which is Nick Hornby's latest.

Juliet, Naked is basically High Fidelity from the girlfriend's point of view, only the man in it has half the charm and almost none of the ability to mend his ways that Rob has. Annie lives with Duncan, who is obsessed with the singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe, who made several albums culminating in a coruscating break-up album called Juliet, after which he disappeared.

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