May 19th, 2010

General: WOOT!


Hello. You lot do know about Seesaw, don't you? I only ask because I didn't but then I am often late to the party, or indeed don't know the party is going on.

It would appear to be a UK version of Hulu, it's still in beta but some of the stuff on it is superb. They're charging for some things but not others, and the things they are charging for are weird, like the Catherine Tate show even though it's on Dave at least five times a week, or My Family, and I have not the least idea why anyone would pay to watch that.

Free comedy stuff includes Brass Eye, Green Wing, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, The IT Crowd, Father Ted ♥, Saxondale, The League of Gentlemen, Hyperdrive and all of Drop The Dead Donkey ♥ ♥

The free drama category is equally joy-making: The State Within, all of This Life, all of Teachers, North Square, Blackpool, Bleak House, the early, good episodes of Shameless, a swathe of Doctor Who, Quatermass and Queer as Folk. They have all the episodes of Ultraviolet, the original European miniseries Traffik (Lindsay Duncan FTW) and Sensitive Skin, which was watched by about twenty people and a dog, despite being fabulous. They also appear to have the 80s version of Day of the Triffids, which was about 100 times scarier than the recent abomination.

Anyway, I just thought I would mention that it's out there and you can sign up for it.